| Predicting with Transits

Predicting with Transits

Transits are wonderful method for predicting events and the most effective tool for predicting the very day that an event will take place. The classical text Phaladeepika gives the basic rules for determining the very day that a Bhava will be activated and give its effects. I have expanded upon the material in Phaladeepika and developed a holistic method of predicting events with transits without resorting to Dasas or other timing methods. This exclusive method of using transits is very accurate and the most effective technique for rectifying a horoscope. So why were transits not emphasized by the ancient authors of Indian Astrology? Due to the fact that transits, calculating a lifetime of transits, would take weeks or work while Dasas for the entire life can be calculated in less than 10 minutes by an experienced astrologer and thus Dasas were given preference. With computer software, however, we do not suffer these same limitations as we can easily view transits. As good as Dasas are, transits should not be ignored and even in conjunction with Dasas if you want to predict the very day of an event, the method of transits from Phaladeepika that I am teaching here is the way to do it.

Prerequisites: This course requires the understanding of many principles taught in the Jyotish Building Blocks Course, so make sure you have studied that course.

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1. Introduction to Predicting with Transits

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2. Introduction to Rasi Aspects

3 & 4: Transit Windows of Opportunity

Broad Activation through Jaimini’s 2nd Strength and Examples

5-10: Trigger Transits

Transits that Indicate the Day an Event will Happen.

11-22: Examples

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New Trigger Transits Predictive Tool in Kala

Since teaching this course we have programmed a tool to help the process of timing the event with this new tool in Kala.

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