Foreign Residence

Foreign Residence is indicated by foreign indicators connecting to the Lagna/Lagna lord/Atmakaraka, and the 4th/4th lord. The Lagna/Lagna lord/Atmakaraka represents the body, the 4th/4th lord the home. To reside in a foreign place requires both the body and the home to be connected to foreign indicators. Foreign Indicators are:


The 7th Bhava

Cancer sign

Connecting these factors to the Lagna/Lagna lord/Atmakaraka and the 4th/4th lord indicates foreign residence. Check for this in the Rasi and the Chaturthamsa Varga (D4).

Foreign residence will happen during the Dasa/Antardasa/etc. of the planets that have a foreign agenda:

Rahu, 7th lord, above connected planets in the 7th or in Cancer. Any of these in moveable Rasis give preference for indicating the time of foreign residence.

It can also happen during the dasa, etc. of the 8th lord in a moveable rasi, or the 10th lord in a moveable rasi, or especially these connected to any of the foreign factors: Rahu, Cancer, 7th lord, 7th Rasi.

Tajika System

With Tajika System foreign residence can also be seen by connections between the lagna/lagna lord and the 4th/4th lord with the Jalapatha (foreign journey) Saham and the Paradesa (another country) Saham. Additionally, the Anya Karma Saham is connected to foreign factors: 7th, Cancer, the Jalapatha Saham or the Paradesa Saham. Calculate these Sahams in the birth chart to see the potential for foreign residence. The year of foreign residence will be when these Sahams become active and connected in a Varshaphala chart.


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Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel is similar to Foreign Residence but has a few differences:

The lagna/lagna lord must be connected to foreign factors to indicate the body being in a foreign place, but the 4th house not being so connected indicates that the home is always their native country.

In Tajika, the Paradesa Saham is connected to Lagna/Lagna lord, but the Jalapatha Saham is not. Also, the Anyakarma Saham is not connected to foreign factors.

The time of Foreign Travel can be indicated by the travel houses, the 3rd and 9th. 3rd is travel within one’s country, unless its connected to the 7th, Rahu or Cancer, in which case it can be foreign travel. 9th is travel within a different country, as 9th is 3rd from 7th. So 9th is an important house and house lord to look for to give foreign travel.

The Drekkana is the most significant varga for journeys while Venus is the important planet.

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Returning Home from Foreign Residence

Some people live abroad for a few years and then return home, others live abroad and never return to their homeland other than for brief visits. To determine this:

1. First determine if they have made a complete break from their country. If they have, then they are not likely to every return home in any permanent fashion. 4th house factors in the 8th or 12th, joined with the 8th or 12th lord, or the 8th or 12th lords in the 4th generally indicate a complete break from their homeland. The 12th is more significant for this.

2. In the event that there has not been a complete break, then in the appropriate Dasa the individual may return home:

The Dasa of the 4th house factors or Lagna/Self factors (Lagna, Lagna lord, AK) in Leo or Capricorn.

The Dasa of Ketu when joined with 4th house or Lagna Self Factors or in Leo or Capricorn.

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