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An animal and a part of a word  

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I just thought these two omen instances were interesting enough to share.  Sorry I know they belong on two different forums.

.... When the pandemic came upon us, I kept seeing these squirrels in real life or in memes, or people talked about squirrels in weird contexts.  I couldn't figure out what all the squirrels we're about, but eventually I decided just to be like a squirrel and save my money instead of spending during this financially uncertain time.  (I was really tempted to buy a house at the first downturn.).  I guess time will tell how prudent that turns out to be.

The other one happened right now.  I've kind of been involved in trying to find ways we in Canada can join the fight against racial inequality.  Some colleagues and I started a very informal working group around the idea to see what our company's response should be to the riots in the US.

Meanwhile I've had the syllable "Strath" pop up on maybe about five occasions over the last couple weeks in my head.  I couldn't figure out what it was about, but I didn't give it much thought.  Yesterday a package from my mom came and it was a book of our family history on my dad's side, just a collection of anecdotes, memories, and stories, but there is a mention of a very wealthy man who financed the building of the Canadian railroad.  He's my distant relative, kind of like the uncle of a great grandma or something.   Anyway, today I saw the book on my table and tried to remember his name.  Sure enough, it's Lord Strathcona.  We went to the railway museum in BC last summer and he was able to afford to finance the railroad primarily because of the extremely cheap labour of thousands of Chinese people.  He worked with the Canadian government to basically trap them in poverty over here.

So interesting that his name would pop into my mind during this time.  Not that I'm some kind of white savior, I'm definitely not, butI do feel like I owe people of colour *some* effort to even the playingfield, knowing my family's history. So I'm feeling like I'm in sync with the universe today.  

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Loved the squirrels omen!

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Cool... I had a squireel thing going on some years ago and studied them a little from a let´s say spiritual point of view. Remember they hide their treasures under earth... Investing in land and concrete things might be a meaning - and advice - of that omen. Rather than having money on the bank. Inflation might get to it. Personally I was just buying some land during the corona virus outbreak and got constant advice from the cards to go on with the purchase, even though it would leave me with very little cash.

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