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Fig Tree, Pitru Dosha, and Vastu  

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Greetings to Vastu adepts,
I am living with my parents currently and we have been in the process of moving to a different house. I have known for some time that I have a certain degree of Pitru Dosha in my chart and both of my parents definitely have some as well.
The place where they (and me too, a good bit of the time) lived for 31 years had a fig tree on the side of the house that was directly planted/descended from a fig tree my maternal grandmother had in her own yard for a long time (I don't know how far back the tree goes in the family). I have read that offering water to a fig tree and walking around it a certain number of times while reciting the 12 syllable Vasudeva mantra from the Narayana Kavach during a certain tithi of a certain time or year is good for Pitru Dosha, esp. for the mother's side.


Is anyone familiar with this procedure?


And if not, my main question is; do you at least know, according to Vastu, which area of the front/back/side/east, northeast, etc. of the new yard would be the most auspicious, or second-most, etc. place to plant the new descendant of the this tree? Should we avoid planting it near a bathroom? And should I worry about muhurta as well?


Is it better to offer the figs from this tree to a deity before eating them ourselves? If so, which deity likes figs?


I want to add that I am aware that this is probably not the same species of fig that is usually referred to by the Hindu sources of India.


An interesting fact is that, at our old house, the fig tree was against the south side of the house, where it rose to where the top was right under my room's window upstairs. I wonder if Lakshmi's inauspicious sister, who is supposed to live in fig trees, often climbed through my window into my room at night, consuming or draining out any positive energy in the area and accelerating the accumulation of dust, clutter, chaos, idleness, and brain fog?