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Psychological Wounds Study Group  

Leah T
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Looking to see if there is interest in a Study Group, that is delving into the Psychological Wounds and Complexes.  Recently Mattais mentioned in another thread that he would be interested in beginning or being part of a study group for the Healing Rahu/Ketu course.  Both of us have participated in other groups and found them valuable to our understanding. We discussed this further and decided that we would put a call out to see if there is any interest.  After communicating with Ernst about this, he highly recommends the Lajjitaadi Avastas as a key component in the understanding of the wounds, and deeper self knowledge.

Here is the evolving concept; A study that might include various courses, so if you have already taken either Healing Rahu/Ketu, the Avasta's course, OR the Cards of Truth course including the planetary strengths (Avasata's) you've had a taste of where we might be going.  If you haven't but are ready to start one of those courses or you are working with an effective technique that produced results, you are invited to join us. 

It is likely we will be sharing many personal details, our charts and perhaps the chart of others we are close to.  We aren't trying to grab a large group, just a small group of people willing to delve into their own psychology for better self understanding and deeper levels of self truth and overall well-being. We will likely meet 1 time per week, the day and time to be determined after we have interested responses.

If you are interested it is easiest if you email me privately at:

Please include your Location, Time zone and best Day(s)/Times.  If there is global interest it may prove difficult to accommodate everyone but we can give it a shot.  Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Leah T