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Squirrel blocking the only exit

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So my squirrel omen came... I was wondering a few days ago; "haven´t seen a squirrel for a long time, when will it show up and tell me something..."

(also tells this story in another thread, don´t waste your time reading it if you read it there)

Yesterday it did.

A squirrel hunted by a cat. It got away, high up in a tree.

I had just been asked to leave my ex´s annex after a conflict. I really really don´t want to hire a house and fix it; I´m a traveler, but my kid lives here, so... The angles, it seems, send me a cottage where to hide away, even with Ganesha on a textile in the bedroom. First thing after I arrived: the squirrel omen. Cats mean, at least in mayacontext ( I live in mayaland): female energy. "Here you are safe from your ex!" 😀 

She´s not terrible, but she´s a King of Spades. Tough people, sharp corners.


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