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Relationship Meeting Analysis

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Hey everyone,

I hope this is an appropriate post. If not, please let me know. I would like input on the attached meeting.

I see the 1st and 7th cusp rulers together in a Saturn card with Saturn there and in a good card. 4th and 10th cusp together in Venus card. So I see the couple staying together at least a while.

However, Mars is confusing to me. It's the 4th cusp lord and Mars card is good but not good dignity. Ecliptic card being 7 hearts isn't promising either. But all this happening in 10 spades suggests to me that despite losing the connection with one another the two learn a lot about themselves and ultimately come out of the relationship being almost completely new people.

I see them trying really hard to make the relationship (5 clubs) work and they improve themselves in the process before they ultimately go their own way despite 1st/7th and 4th/10th connections.

I would like some help analyzing Jupiter and Jupiter card in this. Jupiter is Q clubs which is great and going to 5 clubs which is also great, right? Does this suggest that they will be successful in reaching whoever they are attempting to become out of the relationship through the work they put in towards the relationship? I ask because I see Venus going there from the 10 spades.