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Saturn on the Asc, Rape?

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I have seen multiple women with Saturn on the Asc and they have had experience related to rape. Since the Ascendant is the body, and Saturn create trauma where he is, then it would be logical to say your body gets traumatized, and possibly raped. 

Also I have noticed these women now have a problem with touch, they have a hard time accepting touch as a gesture of love. Even to the point for one to not like to be touch by her lover. The other one didn't seem as problematic but her Saturn is stronger and she is older, but she had to learn dancing to remove her trauma of touch.

Both these women has Debilitated Venus though, either in D9 or in D1.

I also saw on astrotheme, a gay guy who tells his story in a book, Édouard Louis

He was born 5 days later then her with the same ASC, he says he was rape in 2012 which happened during his Venus Dasa.

So was the cause of his rape Saturn or Venus or both, I'm wondering? From Ernst course I recall that he said Venus with Mars can cause rape but I have seen many women who said they were rape and Venus didn't seem afflicted. Also I have seen women with Venus badly ashamed by Mars and they were never rape as far I can tell as I live with one for 6 years, unless she hid it very well but I doubt it.

So what cause rape? Have you seen people with Saturn on the Asc victim of rape?

I also know a woman, her husband is in prison for raping her and her children. Her Ascendant lord Jupiter is DB, she also have ketu on the Asc in Sag. Saturn is in the 12th with mars in scorpio, Venus with Sun  in Taurus but not combust, Moon in libra. Venus not DB in D9. Her Venus is opposite Mars and Saturn though.

The first woman I talked about has Saturn and Rahu on the Asc, Mars in the 7th, so Mars opposite Saturn in the 1th and 7th house. Venus is fine in the Rasi but DB in D9. Mars is Ashamed indirectly by the Sun In Pisces  due to lordship of Same sign, as her Mars is with Ketu in Sag. Rahu and Saturn also influence indirectly her 4th house because Saturn,Rahu are in Gemini. Moon is fine in the 10th but weak in Shadbala, mercury is with the moon in Aquarius. The 1st house just changed in Gemini, 4 minute before it was in Taurus. Saturn is far from the 1st house cup at 20° , but Rahu is at 3° of the house cup.

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You won't see rape due to a planet in a sign or house, its more the relationship of house lords and planets to each other that will indicate this. It's to much to explain here and something i would need to do a course on. 

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I have seen date rape in a chart: Libra lagna with Ve/Ma and Me in 7th in aries. 1st and 8th lord conjunct 7th lord. Me is DK. 

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@scott-m-19 I also have 1st and 8th lord conjunct in the 7th and i've been raped. I also have a ashamed Moon by Mars and Ketu in the 4th squaring my lagna and 8th lord in the 7th and a month ago i've discoverd (well my psychologist lol) that i had been psycologically and sexual abused by my cousin for 4 years at least. I'm 30 and I'm on my Jupiter/Ketu Antardasa! Pisces Lagna????

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From what I can tell in their Chart they all have the 8th lord afflicted and the 3rd. From what I observed in their personality they have mistrust issue, once you break their trust they have a very hard time, even for small things, they need to be reassured all the time. The 8th lord is the ability to trust others and is also related to sex, deep intimate feelings. I'm not sure about the 3rd, maybe discernment, ability to see the danger and avoid it, the inability to make small journey safely.

Also it seems the 7th lord is involved each time, or afflicted.

In each case the 8th lord is afflicted by mars

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I have a friend with Saturn in 1st in Cancer. Neutral dignity and only aspected by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. All strong aspects. I think it's quite well supported. Still Saturn, 7th and 8th Lord in 1st.
She had a little experience related to rape when she was 8 or 9. Slight and briefly, rather attempts. She didn't understand, nevertheless she felt something weird and dangerous was happening. She tried to say to her mother, but by what she said the mother didn't understand and did nothing about it. So she remembers as the most painful the feeling of not being protected.
She has not at all any issue rejecting being touched.
However all along her life she is having bad health, many health issues since baby. And literally always something wrong is going on. Small or bigger issues.
Also the malefics are starved, GE dignity, Mars in 12th and Sun in 8th.
3rd Lord Venus is happy with Mercury in 7th.
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