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A car and mirror numbers  

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Hello everyone,

I want to share two things, not sure if they are omens, but...

First one is a specific car model I see everytime I go out with my mom. The car is Toyota C-HR Hybrid in different colors.

I am also seeing mirror numbers on the microwave clock, like 12:21, 13:31, etc.

I know that with time you develop a subconscious habit of looking at the exact time or at the exact thing. But what else can you tell me? 

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It is not just a subconscious habit of looking at the exact time, it is much bigger than that. It is our inner guiding system. It is the universe, you, your higher self, the Divine, whatever you want to call “it” trying to bring something into your awareness that you are not seeing consciously. Since we are so distracted with being busy doing nothing and going nowhere, and hardly give any time to being alone with ourselves, it seems that this is the new way of communication.

I see the mirroring effect as the aligning of two separate objects that have the possibility to come together. I would recommend becoming aware of what you were thinking about just before you see the numbers, and keep an eye on thoughts and events afterwards. That will give you a clue of what it is that is wanting to come into your life and what changes you need to make within yourself to allow the new thing into your life.