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Kshobhita definition  

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Hi Ernst (or others),

I have some confusion on the definition of Kshobhita. In the earlier manual this is how Kshobhita was defined:

"Kshobhita Avastha is in effect when a planet is joined by the Sun or is aspected by all three Kruura planet and at least one enemy, thus there are two possibilities for Kshobhita Avastha"

So, I thought for this to come into existence by aspect, all three kruura planets need to be involved? For example, if Saturn aspects the Sun, but there is no other kruura planet involved, I thought 'agitation' wouldn't come into play, only starvation. 

But in the recent videos, you defined it as:

Aspected by an enemy, and that enemy is also a malefic

Has the definition changed or did I misunderstand the earlier one?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Do it as per the new course, so yes, interpretation has changed.