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Ithasala Yoga  

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Hi Ernst,

This is concerning ithasala yoga in prashna regarding whether an ex will come back. Here Mars is lagna lord and is in 22 Aquarius and 7th lord Venus is retrograde 17 Taurus.

Can this be an ithashala between Lagna lord and 7th lord since Venus here is moving towards Aquarius backwards and Mars is moving forward towards Venus. I have read faster moving planet being retrograde doesn't produce Ithasala but logically here Venus is moving backwards towards mars. So it should form an ithasala right? Can this be taken as Ithasala?

Also if Venus is R in 7th can we take that partner would come back just applying common principles?


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Ernst Wilhelm
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I consider it ithasala if retro makes it happen. And basic rule in prashna is that if the 7th lord is retro a person returns.