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Prashna and Kambuula Yoga  

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Hello Ernst and all,


Looking at a Prashna chart on relationship 7th house question. Lagna is Scorpio and Lagna lord Mars in in Sagitarius at 25:44 degrees. 7th cusp is Taurus and 7th house lord Venus is in 12th house Libra at 26:27. Moon is in Taurus at 22:19. Lagna lord Mars is in Purna Ithasala with 7th house lord Venus so the answer is Yes the querist will gain a partner soon. Also it is in a secret friendly dignity 3/11 so there will be love and friendship. Moon is in an Ithasala to both Venus and Mars. Actually Moon is right in the middle of Venus and Mars. I have 2 questions:

1. I would like to confirm that I have a Kambuula Yoga here with the Moon?

2. The fact that Moon is in neutral dignity to both Mars and Venus 6/8 position, does that negate the Kambuula yoga effects?

3. In general how do you interpret when you have an Ithasala yoga or an Isharapha yoga but the aspect is in neutral position such as 6/8 or 2/12? . If it is in 6/8 or 2/12 do you still have an Ithasala yoga or Isharapha yoga?





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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, its a Kambuula Yoga. The neutral dignity of the moon will not negate the kambuula. 

If 6/8, you do not have an official yoga as the value at those aspects becomes 0.