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Question: relevant bhava and time

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Hi Ernst and all,

I would like to cast a prasna for a question I have and want to make sure I understood the principles I've learned correctly.

I am self-employed and have been offered a contract by a client I've been in touch with. With this contract, the client would book my availability for half the week. It is a longer term contract. I would still be self-employed. Gaining this client would improve my financial situation and be a step up the career ladder in terms of the work I'd be doing.

1) Which house should I be looking at?

At this point I have been offered the contract and I want to know not whether it will happen, but whether accepting the contract would be rewarding in general.

The 10th doesn't feel appropriate because it's not strictly a career-move.

The 6th doesn't seem appropriate because I am not changing employers. I am still self-employed and this will just be one of my clients.

I would probably look at the 11th to see if my hopes will be fulfilled. Is that the right bhava to look at for this question?

2) What time to choose?

I've already interacted with this company on one other occasion in 2020. At the time, I applied for a full-time position with them doing the same type of work. However, at the time, I didn't go through with the application and testing process.

I don't know the time when I became aware of this company, but I have the time that I applied for the full-time position a year and a half ago. (This is the closest time I have to when I became aware of them.)

Can I use this time? If so, won't that be an issue because a year has already passed and prasnas only show what happens within a year?

Or should I use the time that I applied when I contacted them again a year and a half later to work for them as a freelancer?


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Ernst Wilhelm
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I would use the time they asked you to work for for them. Look for all aspects from lagna lord to any houses to read what that means. If the 11th is involved, great, it will be what is right for you if it happens. but read all aspects so that you can see what will happen. The chart of a year and a half ago can give you an idea of if you will get a job wtih them, but it will be limited in that all those aspects have ran their course by now. 

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Thank you so much, Ernst!