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Need guidelines

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Hi Ernst,

Could you clarify what you want covered under this sub-heading? You already have Rahu-Ketu and Avasthas under separate topics. Is this supposed to be a general sort of discussion or anything specific to do with astrology? 

Most of the times we are not consciously aware of our wounding and how it comes about. Most of the times, as children, we are not given the right tools to deal with our emotions, and we end up repressing our emotions and shutting our hearts down, and distancing ourselves emotionally from others. We either end up strengthening our masculine logical side and weakening our feminine intuitive side, or end up becoming too sensitive and shift more towards our feminine side and weakening our masculine strength.

At one extreme, going to a psychologist is termed as something to be ashamed of. On the other extreme, people go to psychologists as a status symbol of how much strain they are under, without really putting in the work. Even if we have had a major ‘awakening’ and think we have healed ourselves, there is still stuff that keeps coming up, and possibly will till the day we die. Thankfully with the internet, we can at least take steps towards our own healing from the privacy of our homes, if we follow our intuition to find the right guidance.

Even though I had been trying to create balance in my life all my life, Rahu-Ketu axis still surprises me and brings up things that I need to look at again and again and again. Since the psyche and the brain, its effects on our body and our health and our biofields (or the chakra system as it is known in the old days), and healing from the inside out and from the micro to the macro, is a subject close to my heart, I could ramble about it forever.

Since I can’t seem to stop the flow of words and thoughts and piecing together varied bits of information from different fields once I start, I am making sure I know where to draw the line.

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Ernst Wilhelm
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This is for anything that is focused on the wounds, so just general wound stuff that does not have a focus on astrology or cards. 

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Hi Ernst and all,


Yes, I think the wounded us is so important to heal and find  true self.  I remember Ernst you did a "recent"  Video on this and I cant find it.  Is it with Rahu/Ketu videos or Avastas?




Joy and Love to all,




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@meg Ernst made a video on the primordial origin of our wounds on YouTube:

Lise Bourbeau's book Heal Your Wound and Find Your True Self is great as well if you want to dive deeper. It was very revealing for me. She also hosts workshops (also available online now) that I am considering in the future. I remember those to be reasonably priced. 

I like to think of those wounds in connection with Saturn which represents our consciousness of separation that leads to our wound of separation. The Enneagram has a similar concept as well. Am sure Rahu and Ketu have their say in this as well but I have not fully made the connection yet. 

Hope this helps.