Today I started a new course on predicting with Vimshottari Dasa. This will be a much simpler course than the mathematically centered courses I have recently been teaching. You can access the course at

Several years ago I taught a Shad Bala course and recorded it in audio. I have now made that course available on this site. Shad Bala consists of many calculations and each of the individual Shad Bala components has something important to say about a planet. Thus looking carefully into a planets Shadbala should be done before even beginning to look at the aspects or conjunctions a planet may have. In this course we will demonstrate how Shad Bala reveals: •The strength with which a planet is put to use. •Whether a planet, in its Dasa, is able to guide a person in a fulfilling direction or not. •How important the indications of the planet are to the individual. •The impact a planet has upon the individual and the degree with which the person will remember the effect of the planet. •The secure and confident or insecure use of a planet. •The capacity of the planet to deal with conflict and tackle the struggles in life. •Is the planet supported or disrupted. •The correct calculation of planetary war. •The importance of Spashta Bala (a planets distinct strength). To access this course go to the Audio Courses Menu and select the Shad Bala – 7 Facets of the Planets course.

Several years ago before I was making video I did a phone conference course on using Bach Flower Remedies with astrology and today I added that course to this site. Bach Flowers are an amazing remedy to alleviate stresses and pains seen in the chart. This course followed the psychologically centered Character Effects of the Grahas course and I recommend that you take this Bach Flower Course after you take the Character Effects of the Grahas course. Additionally, its a good second course to remedy the effects of Rahu covered in the Mastering Rahu and Ketu Course. This is a very old course, one of the audio courses I taught back when I still used the sidereal zodiac rather than the tropical zodiac which I now use. When you study it, just follow along and learn the techniques, then practice the actual techniques with the tropical zodiac and you will get even better results. To listen to the course please go to the Courses Menu where you will find it under the Audio Courses section.