The Tajika relationships and aspects of the planet’s reveal important psychological aspects of a person’s personality. Psychologically both those things that provide a sense of comfort as well as those things that provide a sense of stress are revealed through these relationships and aspects. What these relationships do not reveal is just how well an individual may turn these psychological stresses into rewarding and successful actions. Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, however does!

In this relatively simple course I will talk about the psychological aspects of the Bhavas, the timing of important ages of psychological development by means of Tajika aspects, and the great success possible as per Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra’s principles of Mutual Yoga Karakas, an important predictive technique in itself. This course is a great example of how two powerful systems can work together to reveal the entirety of a horoscope and reveal both the psychological stresses within a person as well as whether they will rise above their psychological and familial limitations.

  • Psychological Meanings of the Bhavas
  • Tajika Relationships & Aspects
  • Mutual Yoga Karakas
  • Psychology of Tajika Aspects – Horoscope Examples – Charts 1-5