Positional Transits

Transits of planets through the Rasis allow us to see many important themes which lead to many of the life changing events. Watching these transits is an accurate snap shot method for getting profound insights into many areas of a person’s life. In this course I will teach the meanings of the transiting planets in different positions from:

  • The Lagna
  • The Moon
  • Through the important developmental places
  • Through the important reward places

Prerequisites: This course depends upon knowing those things which planet’s represent, thus it is recommended that you have either read the Graha Sutras Book or listened to the Graha Sutras Audio Course, or that through some other means you have acquired a solid understanding of the planets and those things they rule and represent.

1. Positional Transits – Introduction

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Transits through the Houses

2. Transits through the 1st House

3. Planets Transiting their Critical Houses

4. Examples of Planets Transiting Critical Houses

5. Transits through the 12th

6. Planets Transiting the 11th from their Critical Bhava

7. Examples of Planets Transiting the 11th from their Critical Bhava


8. Solar & Lunar Returns

9. Examples of Lunar Return Charts

10. Effects of Mercury’s Returns

11. Effects of Venus’s Returns

12. Effects of Mars’s Returns

13. Effects of Jupiter’s Returns

14. The Saturn Return

15. Saturn’s Second Return

16. Rahu & Ketu’s Returns

17. Return Charts

Transits from the Moon

18. Gocara from the Moon

19. Saturn’s Transit from the Moon

21. Jupiter’s Transit from the Moon

22. Venus’s Transit from the Moon

23. Mercury’s Transit from the Moon

24. Mars’s Transit from the Moon

25. The Sun and Moon’s Transit from the Moon

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