Rectification is an extremely important part of predictive astrology. Without perfect time it is not possible to make consistent accurate predictions. Only a few seconds of difference in birth time will create a world of difference in what actually happens in a person’s lifetime. These differences are indicated in the several Varga charts where two different Bhava Cusps will change in at least one Varga every 8 seconds on the average. Thus even if time is off by only 1 minute, that can add up to 14 Bhava cusps being incorrect in some Vargas. For the general type of readings that most astrologers do, time within 5 minutes is accurate enough, but for exact predictions using scientific techniques the birth time must be very precise.

There is no such thing as a rectification technique (other than attempting to do so with a Prasna chart), rather every technique that you learn is also a rectification technique as rectification is simply a matter of examining the horoscope in light of past events with some technique that you have mastered. If you want to rectify a chart, you have to have mastery in some technique, otherwise it is just blind guesswork. I have two favorite ways to rectify a chart: through the individual’s career in light of Jaimini techniques; through trigger transits that always happen when an event happens. Of these two, I much prefer using trigger transits with which it is possible to easily and quickly rectify any Varga and thus it is possible to rectify the chart exactly to a much greater degree of accuracy than any other technique would allow. I will over time add different methods that work well for rectification, but the most important and the one I always use is that of Trigger Transits, transits that trigger an event the day it happens.

Rectification with Transits

By far the most easy and accurate way to rectify a chart exactly and confidently is through the use of trigger transits as shown in the following videos.

Prerequisites: In order to rectify a chart with transits you will need to have taken and mastered the Predicting with Transits Course.

More Rectification Examples will be added as I do them for clients who give me permission to use their charts as examples.