Tajika Prashna Course

Please download the Tajika System of Prashna Manual before watching any of these videos.

1. Introduction, Planetary Relationships & Aspects
2. Tajika Yogas
3. Avasthas
4. Conducting the Prashna
5. The 1st Bhava and Judging the Prashna
6. Another Property Sale Example

7. 2nd Bhava Prashna
8. 3rd Bhava Prashna
9. 4th Bhava Prashna
10. 5th Bhava Prashna
11. 11th Bhava Prashna
12. 6th Bhava Prashna – Disease
13. 6th Bhava Prashna – Disease Examples
14. 6th Bhava Prashna – Employment & Animals
15. 7th Bhava Prashna – Buyer & Seller
16. 7th Bhava Prashna – Will I get a Relationship?
17. 7th Bhava Prashna – Condition of Love Life
18. 7th Bhava Prashna – Details of Partner and Partnership
19. 8th Bhava Prashna – War
20. 8th Bhava Prashna – Legal Battles
21. 9th Bhava Prashna – Journeys
22. 12th Bhava Prashna – Strength of Enemies
23. 12th Bhava Prashna – Expenses
24. 10th Bhava Prashna – Gaining Kingdoms & Careers
25. 10th Bhava Prashna – More Career Examples

That brings us to the end of the Bhava Prashna in Tajika Neelakanthi. Following this section Neelakantha covers special prashnas such as lost items, return of a missing person and other unique situations not covered by standard Bhava indications. I will return to teaching those at a latter date. For now, there is plenty of material in these videos to manage most prashnas successfully and its best to learn those well before proceeding forward. In the meantime I will return to making videos for the Jaimini’s Rasi Dasas Course.

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