Please download the Tajika System of Prashna Manual before watching any of these videos.

1-4: Tajika Basics

Introduction, Planetary Relationships & Aspects, Tajika Yogas, Avasthas, and Conducting the Prashna

5-25: Bhava Prashna

1st – 12th Bhava Prashnas

That brings us to the end of the Bhava Prashna in Tajika Neelakanthi. Following this section Neelakantha covers special prashnas such as lost items, return of a missing person and other unique situations not covered by standard Bhava indications. I will return to teaching those at a latter date. For now, there is plenty of material in these videos to manage most prashnas successfully and its best to learn those well before proceeding forward. In the meantime I will return to making videos for the Jaimini’s Rasi Dasas Course.