was established in the spring of 2011 with the intention of moving away from the phone conference courses that I had been teaching over the past 7 years into an easily accessible audio and visual medium – Online Videos. For more information about me (Ernst Wilhelm) my books, astrology software, free audio courses, articles and in-depth audio courses please visit our mother site

In creating I realize that watching online videos will not be ideal for everyone. Many people have learned astrology by listening to my recorded phone conference courses while travelling or commuting, therefore all those courses are still available as recordings through our mother site I also plan to create audio books in the future for those who like to study astrology on the go. Audio lovers can also simply listen (or watch if you are not driving) to the video classes found here on their I phone or similiar device.

I have been avidly teaching Vedic Astrology since 1996. From 1996-2004 I primarily taught weekend workshops to groups of astrology students in Southern California. After seeing that the weekend cram type courses were far from ideal, in 2004 I began to teach weekly 2 hour phone conference courses. These courses were so much better. Students had regularly exposure to astrology courses there were short enough as to not be exhausting, so they easily remembered what they were taught. Additionally, people from all over the world could come to class. Phone conference courses were a great success with 40-50 people attending weekly. During this time many of my students actively began practicing professionally, some after only just 1-2 year of studies.  Scheduled phone conference courses were not ideal, however; half the students could not make it to class due to conflicts in their schedules or large differences in time zones and so had to listen to the classes online. Occasionally it would be hard for a student to keep up on the visual handouts that I provided since they could not see me point to different parts of a chart. With the launch of in 2011 I feel I have created the ideal learning environment for astrological students from around the world. Learn at your own pace, at your own time, through both visual and audio means. With the launch of I will be teaching many, many new astrology techniques that I have never taught before due to the limitations of my previous phone conference forums.