Vimshottari Dasa is meant to be calculated down to five levels:
1.Maha Dasa (Great Dasa)
2.Antar Dasa (Intermediate Dasa) or Bukti
3.Pratyantar Dasa (Near to Intermediate Dasa)
4.Sooksma Antar Dasa (Short Intermediate Dasa)
5.Prana Dasa (Filled or Breath Dasa)

Each of these Dasa Levels has its own important role:
1.The Maha Dasa represents the ceiling of what may happen in the Dasa – all other Dasa levels operate only in the context of that for which the Maha Dasa provides.
2.The Antar Dasa sets the individual up for the event – it moves them into place for the event to happen. Secondarily, it provides some details relevant to the event.
3.The Pratyantar Dasa indicates the growing hunger for and activity towards the event.
4.The Sooksma Antar Dasa brings the event together and thus represents the immediate circumstances that allow for the event to happen.
5.The Prana Dasa is the concrete event and reveals the details of the person, place or thing that comes into the person’s life.

Each of these Five Levels influences each other and each must indicate the event in question., which is what I will teach in these videos:

Prerequisites: These videos are part of the Parashara’s Formula for Timing with Vimshottari Dasa  and I strongly recommend that you begin this course at the beginning.

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