Recently someone asked me what I thought was the single most important thing to learn if an astrologer wanted to serve humanity. Without a doubt my answer was Compatibility as presented by the ancient Indian texts. Personally, I do not believe that making predictions often helps a person. When I am too busy to do readings and a person desperately wants me to make a prediction about their future. I do not interrupt my schedule to help them. The reason being that I just have not seen making predictions really help people, though people always believe it will help them and so ask for predictions. I study predictive astrology as an art or perfect astrological expression, not because I think it will really help someone. Not to mention, 75% of the questions people ask in a predictive context have answers that are not what they want them to be and people often ask out of hope and not really to hear the truth of their life’s events to come. Compatibility readings, on the other hand, that I am always most ready to accommodate even when I am swamped with other astrological projects. More than anything, in this day and age, people are in desperate need to learn how to have healthy relationships. Healthy relationships are the foundation for healthy money managing, enjoying ones work even if trivial, maintaining health, etc. A bad relationship undercuts all these things. When we look deeply at most people’s issues, frustrations, addictions, etc. we will usually find at the bottom of it a broken, frustrated or lonely heart. If that heart can find comfort in a healthy relationship, their whole life will improve. So I consider Compatibility the most helpful aspect of astrology that an astrologer can present their client with. By Compatibility, however, I don’t just mean matching horoscopes, but the art of healthy relating which is perfectly revealed through the Indian astrological techniques of compatibility – an art that 90% of astrologers are in desperate need of themselves. Astrological Compatibility also contains within it all the most important psychological aspects of our being, which are the foundation for our relationships.

As important as Compatibility is, I won’t be making Compatibility videos right away as I have an extensive Compatibility course available in audio form at Once I get caught up making videos of which I have no audio courses, I will produce several Compatibility videos.