Astrology can be learned in a snap shot fashion of learning many isolated principles, concepts and yogas so that when the astrologer looks at a horoscope they see some things they have learned and are able to make some interpetations and predictions. Ideally, however, astrology is best learned in a systematic manner beginning with the required foundational knowledge and completing with a scientific process of chart interpretation that allows for statistically replicable predictions of high accuracy. In this section you will find courses designed in such a way.

Courses are divided into four types: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Special Concern Mini Courses.

Beginner courses are those courses where you will learn the all important basics without which it is just not possible to do any astrology. These courses are often prerequisites for Intermediate and Advanced Courses. You will learn a great deal of critical principles in these courses that many professional astrologers are unaware of, due to the fact that so many practicing astrologers have a weak foundation. These are critical courses in which you will learn a lot of things that are new to you even if you have studied astrology for years. These are beginner courses only in the sense that you will need these courses if you are beginning your study with me, not due to just starting out studying.

Intermediate Courses is where you will find the many techniques that you will use to read a horoscope and make predictions. These are the bread and butter courses for the practicing astrologer. Some of these courses are also Prerequisite Courses for the Advanced Courses. Certifications can be earned for Intermediate Courses.

Advanced Courses build upon the techniques learned in the Intermediate Courses to allow for a greater degree of detail and accuracy in your readings, making you the best astrologer possible. You have to understand any Prerequisite Intermediate Courses perfectly before moving on to studying Advanced Courses. Advanced Courses are not any harder than any other courses, but you do have to know your material extremely well or else you will get lost. So if you find these courses difficult, it means you need to go back and restudy the Beginner and Intermediate Courses. Certifications can be earned for Advanced Courses.

Special Concern Mini Courses are short courses that deal with one subject, such as foreign travel, imprisonment, accidents, etc. These courses will pull techniques from a variety of sources: Parashara, Jaimini, Tajika, etc. so that you can learn several ways to get a well rounded view of some subject.

New Courses are always in progress…so enjoy your Studies,