Graha Sutras is the name of my book about the planets. It is also the name of an audio course that follows the book. As of yet, I have not put all the planetary information into video. While some of the material in the Graha Sutras book has been covered in video, most of it has not. To learn all about the planets, therefore, please order the Graha Sutras Book book or listen to the Graha Sutras Audio Course. The book is especially useful as planets are something that you will constantly want to look up information on and so the book is a great reference. Videos that do cover the fundamentals of the planets as used in prediction and readings can be found at:

Qualities of Grahas For videos on the natures of the planets: Gentle/Cruel, Male/Female, Brahmin/Kshatriya/Vaishya/Sudra, Rajas/Tamas/Sattva, Biped/Quadruped/Creeping, Dry/Wet/Moist, Looking Sideways/Down/Up/Everywhere, Luminous/Starry/Dark, and Manifesting/Separating natures of the Planets. Also nine videos on the predictive effects of the planets.

Saumya and Kruura Grahas For videos on the benefic and malefic effects of the planets.