Jaimini Astrology as presented in Jaimini’s Upadesas Sutras is the most important branch of astrology. Only Jaimini Astrology gives the astrologer what he needs to see the person’s destiny. By destiny I mean: what they are meant to do in life; whether they are meant to marry and have children and how many children; how long they will live; whether they have the destiny for greatness or wealth. All such huge things of what one is and what they will have in their life are answerable only through the help of Jaimini Astrology. While it is true that some other systems attempt to answer these things, they do not do it nearly as well as does Jaimini. Where they routinely fail, Jaimini routinely works. Other systems are more geared towards timing the when’s and the ups and downs of the things that Jaimini Astrology indicates that will be a part of our lives. To really know those things, one has to study Jaimini. Jaimini Astrology also has methods for timing events as well, it is a complete system.

Jaimini Astrology is difficult to understand but easy to perform once understood. The difficulty of understanding it has caused there to be a great deal of Jaimini information out there that really is not correct and which routinely fails. But when you are ready for a serious study of committing your thoughts to really focus on astrology, at that time you will be ready to study Jaimini Astrology.

Jaimini is perhaps the most ancient text on Jyotish and certainly one of the most important. It is written in coded Sanskrit, which is good because that has preserved the work during a time when all other astrological works became watered down. The code nature of the text does, however, make it extremely difficult to translate and understand. The good news is that the techniques themselves are very simple and very accurate, so once understood, deriving results is very simple and accurate.

In his Sutras, Jaimini deals with many things that are just not covered in other texts such as career; proper rulerships for music, singing, writing, healing; and spiritual development. Additional Jaimini’s techniques for longevity, children, marriage, wealth and fame are all much more accurate than found in other texts. Jaimini Sutras are certainly something an astrologer can not be without if he really wants to understand the destiny of an individual.

Due to the coded nature of the Sutras, there are a lot of controversies and simply incorrect ideas floating around and being published as Jaimini ideas. In this course we will not only teach the Jaimini techniques, we will also break down and analyze each sutra step by step so that you will understand the true wisdom of Jaimini astrology.

Jaimini is a unique system that has many principles not found in common astrology, however, all these principles are extremely simple and the average Jaimini techniques requires just 3 or 4 simple steps that yield remarkably accurate results. While understanding the mind of Jaimini can take a lifetime, the actual techniques are so simple that they can be taught to a child. So Jaimini is both simple and deeply profound and so something with which one can instantly derive good results with while also having much to contemplate for the future.

Jaimini techniques revolve around what the individual truly is, what they truly will become, both spiritually and materially, who they will have in their life and the mark that their life will leave upon their fellow mankind. All these issues are addressed much more accurately by Jaimini than by any other ancient astrologer.