The astrological components are the most important thing to learn – learn these first. Ninety percent of questions that students ask me are the result of their not knowing or understanding properly their astrological parts. If an astrologer understands his astrological parts, then he will be able read many things from the chart even without learning a single technique – when we know our parts, techniques naturally arise from our knowledge. When we don’t know our parts, the best techniques fail.

Astrological Components are of two types: astronomical and symbolic. Astronomical components are the of Bhavas (houses), Rasis (signs), Nakshatras, Tithis, Planetary War, Asta (combustion), Conjunctions, Aspects, etc. In short, anything and everything that can be measured that takes place in the space around us in both a visual and time-centered sense. Symbolic components are the meanings of the astrological parts such as the planets, Rasis, Nakshatras, Bhavas, Vargas, etc. Astrological techniques are nothing more than combining astronomical relationships with the symbolic meanings of the planets, Nakshatras, Bhavas, etc. For this reason the great Varaha Mihira has stated that only the astrologer who is perfect in both astronomy and astrological symbolism can be correct. If an astrologer does something incorrectly astronomically, they will calculate the technique incorrectly and thus their predictions will fail.

I cannot stress the importance of refreshing your astronomical knowledge. There are many astronomical calculations being done by the majority of astrologers that are in conflict with the directions given in the ancient texts due to astrologers of the past using easy short cut methods for calculating very difficult things – but now with computers making the difficult easy,  it is time for us to get back on track and calculate things the way the ancient masters have told us to. So please, do not skip over the astronomical component videos in this section. For that matter, do not skip over any videos in this section – 90 percent of mistakes will not be made if you learn your components well.

I remember an ayurvedic physician who came to visit me long ago. He had just started to study astrology and all he knew was three components: Plantary Aspects, Doshas of Planets and Doshas of Rasis. But he understood his Doshas very, very well due to his practice as an ayurvedic physician. He proceeded to read charts in front of me to extreme accuracy within the context of what the Doshas can tell about a person – even though he did not know a single astrological technique. So study, study, study your astrological components, don’t think that they are “Basics” they are the essence and foundation of your practice as an astrologer.