Rasi Sutras Course Started


I taught a Rasi Sutras audio course many, many years ago. This new course is to replace the old course and I expect it to be an improvement over the old course. I decided to this new course on Rasis because I want to explain the Rasis in some additional ways in preparation for the upcoming Rahu & Ketu course. You can access the course at http://astrology-videos.com/courses/beginner-courses/rasi-sutras

Ashtakavarga Course


Today I started a new course on Ashtakavarga with the first 2 videos at http://astrology-videos.com/courses/intermediate-courses/exploring-ashtakavarga

I had hoped to start the next Avasthas based course as avathas are my favorite topic, but as the Kala programming for it is not all done yet, I decided to just start this ashtakavarga course. Ashtakavarga is a large branch of astrology, an entire system actually, so it will be an extremely long course that I will dip in and out of. As soon as the programming is done for the next avasthas course, I will get going on that course.

5 element course


Today I started a short course on the 5 elements. The 5 elements are one of the most important parts to understanding and practically using astrology and so its about time I expanded on this. Course is at http://astrology-videos.com/courses/beginner-courses/understanding-the-5-elements, or just go to the Courses link and its under the beginner courses.

Astrology Curriculum


I just added a write up of all the courses and different study tracks available for studying astrology. You can download this Astrology Curriculum, which describes all the courses available here as well as the different study tracks that you can follow. I will update this occasionally and when I do I will mention it in this blog.

New Addition for Kala 2016


We just added some options and improvements to the Avasthas Calculated Screen for those of you who have Kala 2016. Please download that at www.vedic-astrology.net/Kala2016.zip

New Course – Lajjitaadi Avasthas, the Heart of Parashara


I just started a new astrology course – yet another Lajjitaadi Avasthas. I was originally planning on an askhtakavarga course but decided on this instead because I consider it much, much more important. The more I work with these Avasthas the more I find them utterly indispensable and so I wanted to teach my latest discoveries on something very important rather than spending time on a very small and relatively unimportant aspect of astrology – which is where I place ashtakavarga. You can do great astrology without ashtakavarga. But you can’t do good astrology with Lajjitaadi Avasthas.

Though I have taught some Lajjitaadi courses already, 80% of what I teach in this new course will be all new material and I think more important than what I have taught previously.
The course is at

Lajjitaadi Avasthas – The Heart of Parashara

Parivartana Yogas and Final Dispositors course started today


I just started a new course on Parivartana Yogas and Final Dispositors. This will be a quick course that I expect to finish up in two weeks with several fun and light informative videos. Parivartana Yogas, or interchange between two house lords, indicate very important lifelong themes. These are very important, yet simple to understand and apply, Yogas that when present always indicate something that can very much help or hinder the life of the individual. Following final dispositors also reveals such themes, though themes of lesser importance. In this course I will teach how to use both Parivartana Yogas and final dispositors to find the important themes in the chart as well as in any Varga charts. You can access the course Under the Courses Menu under the Beginners Courses sub menu.

Jaimini III and Varshaphala I & II Audio courses added to site.


Today I added the Jaimini III and Varshaphala I and II audio courses to the site. You can find them under the audio courses menu.

Jaimini II Audio and Compatibility Audio added to site


Today I added the second Jaimini audio course covering Chapter 1, Pada 3 and the Vedic Relationship Compatibility Audio course to the site. You can find both courses under the Audio Courses menu.

Gems, Jyotish and Minerals Audio Course


Today I have put up the old Gems, Jyotish and Minereals audio course on this site. You can find it under the Audio Courses Menu.

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