Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra gives calculations for sixteen different Varga charts. And while he does give some bits of information on each Varga, every astrologer feels in his bones that there is just so much to Vargas, but what? Parashara answers a large portion of that question by assigning deities to each Varga. He answers the remaining part of that question by the very mathematics of the Vargas. The key to fully understanding and utilizing the Vargas is, therefore, to deeply contemplate both the deities of the Vargas and the mathematics of the Vargas. Thus there are three things required of us by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra to understand the Vargas:

1. The indications of the Vargas as given by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.
2. The mathematics of the Vargas.
3. The deities of the Vargas which is a very involved study.

In addition to these three things, there are a few Yogas bearing on the Vargas scattered in in other ancient texts that can help us understand a bit the Vargas. And for the more visual minded individual there are many wonderful symbolic descriptions of many of the Vargas found in a couple of the earliest available Vedic Astrology texts. Both these Yogas and symbolic descriptions will also be discussed in these videos.

  • Indications of Vargas
  • Five Groups of Vargas
  • Primary & Secondary Bhava Effects of Vargas
  • Rasi, Varga 1

  • Rasi, the 1st Varga
  • Reading Angelina Jolie’s Rasi Varga
  • Timing Angelina Jolie’s Rasi Varga
  • Hora, Varga 2

  • Calculation of Hora, the 2nd Varga, and its Deities
  • Images of Horas
  • Effects of Horas
  • Hora Yogas
  • Drekkana, Varga 3

  • Calculation of Drekkana, the 3rd Varga, and its Deities
  • Important Graha and Important Bhavas in the Drekkana
  • Images of the Drekkanas
  • Effects of the Drekkanas
  • Chaturthamsa, Varga 4

  • Calculation of Chaturthamsa, the 4th Varga, and its Deities
  • Important Graha and Important Bhavas in the Chaturthamsa
  • Chaturthamsa Varga Examples, 3 Videos
  • Saptamsa, Varga 7

  • Calculation of Saptamsa, the 7th Varga
  • Saptamsa Deities
  • Important Graha and Bhavas in the Saptamsa
  • Navamsa, Varga 9

  • Calculation of Navamsa the 9th Varga and the Vargottama Navamsa
  • Navamsa Deities
  • Important Graha and Bhavas in the Navamsa
  • The Navamsa of the Moon, Lagna and other Grahas
  • Navamsa Deity Compatibility
  • Dasamsa, Varga 10

  • Calculation of the Dasamsa, the 10th Varga and its Deities
  • Important Graha and Bhavas in the Dasamsa
  • Examples: Dasamsas of Married Women; Dasamsas of a Great Father and his Son
  • Using the Dasamsa Directions
  • Using the Dasamsa Deities
  • Dvadasamsa, Varga 12

  • Calculation of the Dvadasamsa, the 12th Varga and its Deities
  • Important Grahas and Bhavas in the Dvadasamsa
  • The Dvadasamsa of the Lagna and Grahas
  • Using Vargas 1-12

    This brings us to the end of the first Varga group, Vargas 1-12. The remaining Vargas of Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra will be covered at a later time, early 2018. Before teaching the remaining Vargas, I will teach advanced Lajjitaadi Avasthas courses and Advanced Judging Bhavas courses that utilize all of the mathematical principles of Vedic Astrology: Ishta & Kashta, Subha & Asubha, Dig Bala, Shad Bala, calculated Balaadi Avasthas, calculated Jagradadi Avasthas and calculated Rasi Degree placements; so that in the next set of Varga courses we will be able to see very quickly and accurately exactly what each planet will do. It is important, however, to understand how the Lajjitaadi Avasthas and Judging Bhavas principles work before boiling everything down to numbers, for which reason I have taught the first twelve vargas without all the mathematical calculations. It is important, therefore, that at this time you concentrate on mastering the principles taught thus far so that when you learn the additional mathematical calculations you will use them correctly and wisely.

    Coming 2018: Shodasavarga, the 16th Varga, the Varga of vehicles & happiness; as well as other higher Vargas.