Astrological Anatomy & Nutrition

This is a course that I taught in 2007 of which I made audio recordings. Medical astrology is perhaps one of the wisest uses of astrology. While it is the wellbeing of our minds and spirits that is important to us so that we can be happy, the truth is that we live in a physical world and so our happiness, outlook, and mental and spiritual wellbeing are dramatically affected by the health of our body. In fact, most people will make better progress in becoming happy (which means spiritual) people by improving their health, which in this modern world of improper foods, is always in decay. Only once a person has transcended the needs of their body will their happiness not be dependent upon the condition of the body. A less then perfectly healthy body interferes with the flow of life in the body and so the hormonal secretions (the same hormones that are secreted during spiritual practices) that keep us happy are not properly available. Solid astrological counsel bearing on the health of the individual will, therefore, often benefit the client more than will anything else.

In this course I will cover anatomy and nutrition in relationship to astrology in very great detail:
•Predictive Principles and important Vargas
•The Five Elements – the foundation of life and health.
•The Saptadhatus – the seven tissues of the body.
•Organ System (skeletal system, digestive system, etc.)
•Vital and Non-vital Organs.
•The Glands
•Sense Organs
•The 12 Body sections indicated by the Rasis.
•Shad Bala.
•Fated Health through Rahu and Ketu and Poisons and Bacteria.
•Numerical interactions between the planets and their effect on health and disease.
•Nutritional elements of the Planets.
•Rasa – Tastes
•Meridian Systems and Astrology.
•Yin/Yang theory and Astrology
•Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

As you can see, in this course, through the magnifying glass of astrology, we will bring together the modern science of anatomy, Ayurvedic principles, and principles of Chinese medicine for an in depth understanding of health and disease.

Upon completion of this course you will have better health and so be happier because you will of course be studying your own chart and applying the principles to your own life. You will also be able to define and understand the disease producing systems, organs and glands in the charts of your clients and provide them with practical advice on how to get better or be able to direct them to the type of therapy that can help them.

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