Concrete Chart & Varga Analysis with Jaimini

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Classes 2-3: Jaimini Karakas

Jaimini Karakas; What about the Sun & Moon

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5. Introduction to Rasi Aspects

6. Padas of Rasis Table in Kala

Classes 7-18: Qualities of Grahas

Qualities of Grahas; Manifesting, Seperating and Other Grahas; Effects of Sun; Effects of Moon; Effects of Mars; Effects of Venus; Effects of Mercury; Effects of Jupiter; Effects of Saturn; Effects of Rahu; Effects of Ketu

Jaimini does not get into elaborate strength calculations and quality analysis as does Parashara with Shad Bala, Subha/Asubha, Lajittaadi Avasthas, etc. In Jaimini, Auspiscious and Inauspicious Strengths are simply determined in accordance with a Graha’s Dignities, while the concrete quality of things is determined by the largely dignity associated Deeptaadi Avasthas. If you have not already watched the Planetary Relationships videos from the Jyotish Building Blocks course, please do so now, these are four videos that can be found at:

Four Videos on Planetary Relationships

Depending on a Graha’s Dignity, it becomes capable of giving something concrete that is strong and able if in good dignity, or something weak and disabled if in bad dignity. To understand this, please watch the Dignities and a Planet’s Auspiscious/Inauspiscious Nature video from the Jyotish Building Blocks Course if you have not already done so, this video can be found at:

Dignities and a Planet’s Auspiscious/Inauspiscious Nature

Based on its dignity, a planet will have more or less productive effects:

19. Deeptaadi Avasthas in Jaimini

At some point (not necessary now) when you want to learn more about specific Deeptaadi Avastha effects for each Graha, please watch the seven Deeptaadi Avastha videos of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn at:

Interpreting Deeptaadi Avasthas

Classes 20-22: Focal Bhavas

Focal Bhavas; Focal Bhavas in the Rasi; Focal Bhavas in the Vargas

We are getting into the Varga Charts, so if you have not already watched the Indications of Vargas video, please do so now. It can be found at the following link:

Indications of Vargas

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Classes 24-25: Rasi Examples

Rasi Examples 1; Rasi Examples 2

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Classes 27-30: 2nd Bhava

Wealth and the Moon; Hora & 2nd Bhava (Resources & Resourcefulness); Hora Example: Managing Finances; Hora Example: High and Low Finances

Classes 31-34: 3rd Bhava

Drekkana & 3rd Bhava (Happiness with Siblings, Coworkers, Teammates, Neighbors, etc.); Drekkana Sibling Examples; Drekkana Coworker Example; Bhamsa, 3rd Bhava & Will

Classes 35-37: 4th Bhava

4th Bhava & Chaturthamsa (Fortune); 4th Bhava & Shodamsa (Vehicles, Inner Comfort); 4th Bhava & Khavedamsa (Auspicious & Inauspicious Effects)

38. 6th Bhava & Trimsamsa (Fatalities & Disease)

Classes 39-40: 7th Bhava and 5th Bhava

7th Bhava & Saptamsa (Partner & Dynasty); 5th Bhava & Saptamsa (Children)

Classes 41-43: 9th Bhava

9th Bhava & Navamsa (Marraige); Troubled Navamsas; Navamsa & Saptamsa in Marraige

44. 10th Bhava and Dasamsa (Great Deeds)

45. 9th Bhava and Akshavedamsa (Strength of Purpose in All Things)

46. 8th Bhava and Vimsamsa

Classes 47-48: 12th Bhava

12th Bhava and Dvadasamsa; Dvadasamsa & Parents

49. 12th Bhava & Siddhamsa (D24) for Understanding.

Classes 50-51: 12th Bhava and Shastiamsa

12th Bhava & Shastiamsa (D60) for all Things; More Shastiamsa Examples


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