Predicting with Rasi Dasas

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1. Sutra 2.4.1 and Introduction to Rasis Dasas

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2. Qualities of Grahas
3. Introduction to Rasi Aspects
4. Introduction to Jaimini’s 2nd Strength
5. Jaimini’s 2nd Strength – Hora, Chaturthamsa and Dasamsa Examples
6. Manifesting, Separating and Other Grahas
7. Degree of a Grahas Effects

8. Caranavamsa Dasa Calculation
9. Use of Caranavamsa Dasa

10. Effects of Sun
11. Effects of Moon
12. Effects of Mars
13. Effects of Venus
14. Effects of Mercury
15. Effects of Jupiter
16. Effects of Saturn
17. Effects of Rahu
18. Effects of Ketu

19. A Cyclists Pisces Caranavamsa Dasa
20. Using Antardasas & Bhuktis
21. Dvaara & Baahya Rasis
22. Tejay’s Caranavamsa Antardasas
23. Caranavamsa Dasa Concluding Points

Supplement: Jaimini’s 1st Source of Strength

24. Calculating Aya Dasa
25. Using Aya Dasa
26. Aya Dasa in the Hora
27. Aya Dasa in other Vargas

28. Caranavamsa & Aya Dasas for All Events
Supplement: Pada of Rasis Table in Kala
29. Caranavamsa & Aya Dasas for Moving

30. Calculating and Using Svakendra Dasa
31. Svakendra Dasa in the Bhamsa (D27)
32. Svakendra Dasa in the Drekkana (D3)

33. Calculating & Using Chatushtaya Dasa
34. A Tragic Chaturthamsa Example
35. The Dasa Lords Strength
36. Auspicious Times in the Khavedamsa

37. Calculating & Using Manduka Dasa
38. Finding Good & Bad Rasis Using Manduka Dasa

39. Calculating & Using Niryana Dasa
40. Niryana Dasa Examples #1
41. Analyzing Niryana Dasa1
42. Niryana Dasa & Death

43. Kalachakra Dasa Introduction
44. Kalachakra’s Deha & Jiva Rasis
45. Kalachakra Dasa Results for each Amsa
46. Kalachakra Dasa Bhava Results
47. Kalachakra Dasa Movements
48. Kalachakra Dasa Movement Examples
49. Kalachakra Dasa Directions
50. Kalachakra Dasa & Yogas
51. Kalachakra Antardasas in Each Amsa
52. Reading Kalachakra Antardasas like Dasas
53. Important Grahas, Bhavas and Vargas in Kalachakra Dasas
54. Predicting Elections with Kalachakra Dasas
55. Predicting Children & Marriage with Kalachakra Dasas
56. Predicting Wealth with Kalachakra Dasas
57. Predicting Disease with Kalachakra Dasas
58. Predicting Home Moves with Kalachakra Dasas
59. Predicting Career Changes with Kalachakra Dasas

Its likely that Jaimini also advocates the use of Vimshottari Dasa as he states, Siddhaa ududaaye “accomplished at the Nakshatra portion.” This is quite a vague statement and may just as well signify Vimshottari as Kalachakra Dasa. I have no doubt that the primary Dasa he expect us to use in the context of that Sutra is Kalachakra Dasa. He may, however, also desired the use of Vimshottari for which reason he used the words Siddhaa ududaaye. In my audio courses on Jaimini I have demonstrated the use of Vimshottari Dasa using some of Jaimini’s principles and it has proven to be highly effective. In future Jaimini videos I will continue to show the use of Vimshottari Dasa with Jaimini principles.

60. Calculating & Using Yogardha Dasa
61. Yogardha Dasa Example #1: Tooth Decay, Ovarian Problems, Sleeping Problems
62. Yogardha Dasa Dasamsa and Saptamsa Example
63. Yogardha Dasa Hora Example
64. Yogardha Dasa Drekkana Example
65. Yogardha Dasa Chaturthamsa Example

66. Calculating Drig Dasa
67. Using Drig Dasa
68. Roosevelt’s Drig Dasa
69. Drig Dasa Marriage Example

70. Calculating & Using Trikona Dasa
71. Two Cyclist’s Trikona Maha Dasas
72. Two Cyclist’s Trikona Antar Dasas
73. Academy Awards & Trikona Dasa
74. Trikona Dasas of “Real” People

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