Several years ago before I was making video I covered the first Chapter of Jaimini Sutras in three lengthy courses. In this first Jaimini course I cover the 1st and 2nd Padas of the first Chapter in a wordy by word, sutra by sutra manner so that you really know what Jaimini is saying. No one else to date has done this and so much of what is floating around on Jaimini Astrology is not really what Jaimini is saying.

In the first Jaimini Course I will cover the 1st and 2nd quarters of the first chapter. These chapters deal with the fundamentals of Jaimini as well as several techniques:
•Rasi Aspects
•Atma and other Karakas
•Naisargika Karakas
•Dasa Lengths
•Determining Career, Capability, Home, Passion, Dharma, Description of the Spouse, Courage and will, Moksha and spiritual development; Mantra, Healing, Disease tendency, Weapons, Authorship, Intelligence; Speech, Sailing, and the Yoga that can destroy the promise in a chart.
•Additionally the method of decoding Jaimini will also be explained in this first course.

To access this course, go to Jaimini on the menu, and under the Sutra by Sutra courses you will find a link to Jaimini Sutras Chapter 1, Padas 1 & 2.