Every Vedic Astrologer knows that Rahu is the planet to watch out for and so I don’t think I can ever teach to many things about Rahu. Its quite an amazing thing to study Rahu and to predict events that happen during people’s Rahu Dasa, but none of that compares to the understanding that can be gained while being in Rahu Dasa. After about 2.5 years of living Rahu Dasa and with Rahu having recently moved into my Lagna Rasi, I have come to understand Rahu like I have never before, thus this update course on Rahu. This course does not change anything I have taught in the past about Rahu, it merely adds a lot about what Raha is doing to us and how wonderful a ride it can be. The course, Why’s and How’s of Rahu can be seen at https://astrology-videos.com/courses/beginner-courses/ages-of-the-planets/the-hows-whys-of-rahu