In many ancient Asian traditions the student, once becoming accomplished in a particular area of study, received a Scroll from their instructor. The Scroll stated the lineage of the teacher and that their knowledge had now passed onto their student. At this time, the student could also instruct others and provide Scrolls to their accomplished students. It was in this way that the practice of sacred arts as well as many martial arts were regulated. Rather than government or association regulation and testing procedures, the merit of the student as well as their instructor’s recommendation were what the public relied upon when choosing a practitioner as well as what a student relied upon when choosing a teacher.

Astrology is in a unique situation to benefit from this type or pratice for two reasons: The government is not interesting in establishing healthy practices in the field of astrology and so astrology is a completely unregulated profession. Astrological associations in general contain diverse teaching styles within them and often of only a basic sort, and so the depth of education is usually limited. Most importantly, achievement awards and certifications from an astrological association are not a stamp of recommendation from the organization itself or from any particular instructor within the organization. Try this test with an astrological organization that you are considering getting a certificate from: Ask them if they would recommend ALL of their graduates to those looking for an astrologer with equal enthusiasm as they would recommend themselves. If their answer is that yes, they would recommend ALL their graduates to do as good of a job as they themselves would, then that organization is a worthy organization from which to gain a certificate. If they say that there are a few that they would recommend equally, or that there were none at all, then they are a failure at certification and their certification “is just a piece of paper.”

A Scroll is different. A Scroll is a personal recommendation from the instructor of equal merit as to themselves. So if you get a Scroll from me and someone wants a reading with the system you have a Scroll in and if they ask me, “will it be as good as you do?” I will answer, “it will be every bit as beneficial.” A Scroll was not just casually handed out to someone who jumped through a few hoops; it was a serious recommendation of accomplishment that maintained the integrity of the practice and teaching of the art in question.

Scrolls will be provided to those achieving mastery in my different courses. A Scroll recommends and approves:

  • That the student is as capable of performing the techniques stated in the Scroll as is the instructor from whom they received the Scroll.
  • That the student is as capable in handling horoscopes with the techniques stated in the Scroll as is the instructor from whom they received the scroll and that they have the instructor’s full recommendation for reading horoscopes with those techniques.
  • That the student is as capable of teaching the techniques stated in the scroll as is the instructor.
  • That the student can provide similar Scrolls to their accomplished students which contain both the lineage and blessings of theirs as well as their instructor’s blessings and reccomendations.
  • Additionally, students receiving scrolls become part of an inner circle of scholars who will be called together to share new knowledge as it emerges.