Hello All,

today I have the time to look at some Jaimini Raja yogas in respect to the Election. This technique I taught in the second Jaimini Course which covered the Pada Chapter:

Benefics in the Sva, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th Bhavas – a king.
Also, inauspiscious planets in the 3rd and 6th.
From the 1st or 7th ruler also in the preceding manner.
Mixed therein – equality.
Roving/poverty in reverse.

So basically, malefics joined the AK, 1st or 7th lords, or in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th will cause a downfall or setback, benefics there raise a person up. Malefics in 3rd and 6th from the AK, lagna lord or 7th lord raise a person up while benefics there cause a setback. And we count these Bhavas forwards only due to Jaimini using the word Bhava in the sutra.

To use this with the dasas we have to look at the Dasa lords position from any of these and we have to see if the dasa lord is the AK, 1st lord or 7th lord. If it is, we have to look at all the planets from the Dasa lord to see how it will do.

Obama is running Sa/Me. Saturn is the Lagna lord and his AK, from it, Jupiter is in the 2nd, which is good, but Ketu is there as well, which is bad, so + 1 and – 1. Moon is in the 6th, which is good since it is waning and so a malefic. But two malefics are in the 8th, Sun and Rahu, ouch and one benefic Mercury. So his total dasa lord is 0. From the 7th lord Sun, Saturn is in 6th, so that is good, so he is at a +1 for his dasa lord Saturn.

His antardasa lord Mercury is in the 1st from the 7th lord, so good, then it is in the 8th from Saturn the AK and Lagna lord, so good again, so Mercury is a +2. Looks like Mercury can save him, not to mention that Mercury is a friend of Saturn.

Romney is running Mo/Ra. Moon is waning and joined the 7th lord Jupiter, so -1. From Mercury the lagna lord Moon is in the 9th, so -1 again. Then Moon is the AK, which is joined by Jupiter, +1, has Ketu in 2nd, -1, Venus in 4th, +1, Mars and Sun in 5th, -2, Mercury in 5th +1, Rahu in 8th, -1, so a totally trashed dasa lord at -3.

His Antardasa lord Rahu is in 8th from 7th lord and AK, so bad -1. Then It is in 4th from Mercury, -1 again. So -3 total.

This technique is really favoring Obama. Even if Obama’s time is off, it is not likely for Romney to win with a -3 Dasa and Antardasa lord.

This is a nice technique because it does not require perfect time, it just needs the correct lagna. The other Jaimini technique, that of Yogadas, is more accurate, but it requires very exact time. Will do that technique in the next post.