Well, it is about time that I try to predict the presidential election. Since I learned Jaimini back in 1999 I have been lucky enough to predict every presidential election and a couple governmental elections that I worked on. Every time I do it, I am just so enthralled by Jaimini! What would we do without Jaimini Sutras? It would probably be something that starts with quitting astrology:)

This year’s election has something that makes it more difficult and something that makes it easier. The one thing that makes it easier is that one of the candidates is running for reelection, which means that for him not to get elected we just have to make sure there is nothing in his chart that is causing a fall from power. The thing that makes it more difficult is that Obama’s birth data may be totally off…and as usual, I do not have time to rectify it cause I do not care enough about the lives of politicians to study them that much when I could be doing something a lore more interesting. Due to that problem, the first technique I want to try is that of Gocara from the Moon, cause we can be pretty sure his Moon sign is correct. This is not the best technique to predict an election with, but you can expect about 65% results with it, so not great, but at times when birth data is questionable, it is worth applying.

Based on Gocara/Transit of the planets from the Moon, on Election Day, November 6th, 2012, at 8PM Washington DC by which time I expect the votes to be in:

From Obama’s Moon
+Sun in 6th from Moon
Removes illness, enemies and grief. Pacification of all mental grief.

+Moon in 3rd from Moon
One gets garments, damsels, wealth, success and happiness.

-Mars in 7th from Moon
Causes quarrels with one’s spouse, eye-disease and stomach-ailment.

-Mercury in 7th from Moon
The native loses his luster and has frequent quarrels.

-Jupiter in 1st from Moon
The native will lose their wealth, intellectual clarity and position; and will also have quarrels frequently. Mental dejection.

+Venus in 5th from Moon
Leads to the favors of elders and teachers, meeting with one’s relations, or getting new ones, attainment of wealth, friends and companions, birth of children and demoralization in the army of the enemy.

+Saturn in 6th from Moon
The native will overcome both their enemies and diseases, and will kiss the mouth of their beloved having charming close lips.

So 4 good to 3 bad placements with two placements, Sun and Saturn, specifically good for overcoming enemies.

Obama’s Moon is at 3:21 into its sign, so if the rumors are true about his birth place, his Moon could be in the previous sign, unfortunately for us, so what would that do:

-Sun in 7th from Moon
Causes wearisome traveling, diseases of the stomach, and humiliation. Helplessness.

-Moon in 4th from Moon
One loses trust in others, as in a mountain infested with snakes.

-Mars in 8th from Moon
Makes the native weak through bleeding, and lose wealth and honor. Mental depression, blood loss due to severe blows to the body or breaks of limbs.

+Mercury in 8th from Moon
The native will have gains, success, children, clothes, money and skill that bring joy to their heart. Victory, mental peace and increase of learning.

+Jupiter in 2nd from Moon
The native will obtain wealth and be free from enemies and will sport with the mouth of their beloved, as does a bee with the lotus.

-Venus in 6th from Moon
The native will suffer humiliation, disease, and mental torment. Trouble from enemies. Reduces the native to abject slavery or degradation.

-Saturn in 7th from Moon
The native will wander away from home. Intimacy with female servants and distant journeys.

Five bad to 2 good, in which case he will lose, 65% chance.

When we compare his chart to the transits of the 2008 election, then the Moon in Tropical Gemini works better for him winning an election that year. so the first of the above is what we should follow, so 4 good to 3 bad.

From Romney’s Moon:
-Sun in 1st from Moon
Causes fatigue, reduces wealth, brings about diseases of the bowels, loss of wealth and wearisome journeys. Loss of good name and position, and painful work.

+Moon in 10th from Moon
Confers a position of authority and accomplishment of one’s objects. Benefit from government.

-Mars in 2nd from Moon
Causes trouble from the king and enemies, quarrels, excessive biliousness, fire accidents, robbery and disease, though the person may be like Upendra or the thunderbolt. Ailing in the body due to mental and physical grief.

+Mercury in 2nd from Moon
One will suffer humiliation, but acquires wealth. Fresh acquisition of wealth and influence, and general prosperity.

-Jupiter in 8th from Moon
Causes imprisonment, disease, intense grief, hardship on a journey, and ailments almost amounting to death. Loss of liberty, over-exertion and fatigue.

+Venus in 12th from Moon
The native gets wealth and garments, but loses some of the latter. Gains wealth in many means, acquisition of clothes.

-Saturn in 1st from Moon
The native will be troubled by poison and fire, separated from their kith and kin, will kill one of their relatives, wander in foreign countries, will have neither friends, nor a house to live in, will be hateful in appearance, poor, without children, pale in the face and a wanderer.

So 4 bad to 3 good, so Gocara/Transits from the Moon favor Obama…

Now there is a wonderful and simple ashtakavarga technique I have never taught anyone, that would be well worth looking into for this election. Basically, we look for planets in the houses counted from their natal position, so venus in 10th from venus, moon in 10th from moon, sun in 10th from sun. When a lot of planets fall into the same house from itself, affairs of that house come into play. If the ashatakavarga points are good, it is a good thing, if low, can be a bad thing.

In Obama’s Chart:
Sun is in 4th from itself
Moon is in 3rd from itself.
Mars is in 4th from itself
Mercury is in 5th from itself.
Jupiter is in 6th from itself
Venus is in 4th from itself.
Saturn is in 1th from itself.

So the most active house is the 4th due to Mars, Venus and Sun. Sun gets 4 points, mars and venus each get a remarkable 6 points, so a very good 4th – is this him being able to get away, to go home and leave seat of power? Or is it maintaining his kindom? This technique will not let us see that, we will have to look somewhere else for that, but it does show that obama will be happy with the election results regardless of what happens as the 4th is the house of happiness. If he loses, he will be happy to go home and be free of his 10th house obligations…

In Romney’s Chart:
Sun is in 9th form itself
Moon is in 9th from itself
Mars is in 10th form itself
Mercury is in 9th from itself
Jupiter is in 8th form itself
Venus is in 9th from itself
Saturn is in 4th from itself.

So the most active is the 9th due to Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. Sun gets 5 points, Moon gets 6 points, Mercuyr gests 4 and Venus gets 5, A GREAT ninth house. But what does that have to do with the election? It does not have much to do with the election, it has to do with his religion. If he wins, he will be the first Mormon ever elected president. If he loses, he will only loose by a little most likely and it will still be the greatest day for a Mormon when it comes to a presidential election. For those of you all who are not from the US, Mormons have largely been frowned upon over the past 170 years since they originated. In their early years they suffered persecution for some differing believes and as a result, came out west, some of the first to come out west actually, and remained apart. To this day, there is still a lot of prejudice against mormons in the states surrounding Utah, such as Montana and Idaho – but those states do not have the population to make any difference in an election.

Neither of these two techniques is super accurate, like a jaimini technique, but they are really good considering that we can do it with unsure birth times. The gocara from the Moon favors Obama. The ashtakavarga technique favors Romney. If they both had favored the same person, we would have been able to make a pretty sound prediction, but since they do not, will have to look at other techniques to see which way it is going to go, but these two techniques do tell part of the story. The best Jaimini technique for prediction elections will be off if the birth time is off by even 5 minutes, and I will cover that technique, but since obama’s birth time is questionable, I thought it would be a good idea to try some non time dependent techniques to get started with.