If you watch the Ashtamangalam Number video you will be able to watch me ever so gracefully spill my counting beads. I explain that as part of the oracle and something to be read into the prediction. The prediction was a query about astrology-videos.com as I was having so many technical problems getting everything up and running. As predicted, Friday the 29th I would get my videos up and running, and s0 it was. But I was surprised that I did not need to change hosting companies in order to get the videos running. They ran with my old hosting company. I had been expecting to have a serious problem with my hosting company, spilling the beads so to speak, which would force me to move. But no, I got the vids working with them, so I just upgraded to a more powerful server with them with more hard drive space. So there were no big problems and so I figured that the spilling beads were just not that big of a deal as I had expected them to be. My expectations were, unfortunately, to come true.

Two days after getting on the new server, just a day or two away from launching, the disks on my new $2,400 per year server get corrupted and the whole website came down, along with 10 other websites I deal with. The guys at the hosting company blame me for it, saying I must have messed with the disks. I did not. They did not believe me and charged me to restore the server. Three days later after working day and night to get the websites back up, the server starts running so slow it is impossible to finish things up. They blame it on my sites getting to many hits. I explain why that is not so, but they will not look into other possibilities even though I showed them how my old server was handling all those hits no problem.

Fortunately, I decided to make a video on relocation using the Kakini technique from Muhurta Chintamani. After making the video I realized that my name was giving more time and money to the name of the hosting site, which started with an L, then the hosting sites name was giving my name, which starts with an E.  Which means I would draw a deficit of time and money with them. I had been with them 3 years. First on a VPS server. Had problems all the time, but they were very helpful and I could call them and they would jump on things right away, so I stayed due to their great costumer support. Last December I upgraded to a more expensive and more powerful server with them. Had problems all the time, again, they were friendly so I stayed. 10 days ago I upgraded to a much more powerful server and all hell broke loose. I realized that since being on a web server is sort of like living in a particular place, that Kakini relocation may work. I had bad Kakinis with this web hosting company, so I searched out a web hosting company that I had good Kakinis with, moved there, and if the technique proves itself, it should be smooth sailing.

Looking back at my Kakinis with other hosting companies, the techniques has worked perfectly. First, way back in 1999 I was with Vaca.net. V sound is taking my time and money, not a good Kakini for me. Had lots of trouble with that company, eventually left and moved to arteryplanet.net. Amazing! Never had a problem, A, the first letter in arteryplanet, is not a bad Kakini for me, but neither is it good, it is even. So while the hosting was great for me, eventually I had to leave due to needing a Windows server which they did not offer. (Please note, since then arteryplanet.net has been sold and is considered one of the worst hosting sites around, so don’t go there!) I found windows hosting at bottomlinehostingcom.net quite affordable and so set up with them. My Kakinis with B sounding names is good, hosting was trouble free and solid with them. They went out of business a couple of years ago so I moved to Lunarpages.com, cool name if you are an astrologer and really affordable highly rated hosting, but a bad Kakini for me which I did not consider at the time. (While I had lots of tech problems with Lunarpages, I think I was a fluke due to bad Kakini and I would recommend Lunarpages to anyone who has good Kakinis with them especially because they are very affordable for a serious hosting company with great customer support.) Yesterday I moved to Serverpoint.com, S is a good Kakini for me, so I expect things to go smoothly with them, got things up and running in record time with no problems. Pricing was very good, in some respects better than Lunarpages.  

Check out the Kakini video under the Remedials menu, it is a great technique.