Obama’s 51st year Varshaphala does have the potential for a downfall due to saturn and mars joining the 5th cusp and the 5th rules fall from royalty, but will it happen? HIs Raja Saham, part of kingship is in Aries, a good placement. Its lord Mars has good pancha and dvadasa strength, so it is a good lord. It has the aspect of a friendly jupiter and the conjunction of a troubling Saturn. Saturn, however, is in great shape at 16 pancha and it rules the public 7th house. Jupiter is also in pretty good shape with high pancha and dwadasa strenghts. Jupiter is also the 10th lord, so very important. And it does have more friendly tajika aspects than unfriendly. It is not a great chart, could never become president with this varshaphala, but it is good enough to escape a downfall.

He will be running Sun/Ve in mudda dasa. Sun is strong and in Leo and rules the presidency. VEnus is the year lord and a decent planet as well. So the dasa timing is pretty good. In D60 Sun rules the 10th cusp and is placed in the first. Venus rules the D45 lagna and is placed in the lagna. So not a bad dasa either. with patyayini dasa he is running Jupiter Mars, which are in a seperating but friendly aspect to each other, so looks safe for obama.

Romney has his year lord Mars in the 9th with plenty of friendly aspect and mars is decent in Pancha strength, it is however, conjunct the 8th cusp and it is the 10th cusp lord, so not a great year lord. THe Muntha lord jupiter has less than 10 Pancha strength, not good. The raja saham as well as the punya saham are both in mercury’s sign and mercury is very weak in pancha strenth with just 8.7 points. Mercury has no friends, just saturn as enemy. He will be running Jupiter Mars in patyayini dasa during the election. Jupiter has a low pancha strength, mars is just mediocre. Not good enough to win an election. GOod enough to keep the office if he was already president, but not good enough to jump into the whitehouse.

Neither candidate has a great varshaphala, but Obama just needs to avoid a fall, he does not have to climb higher. So I think he will win based on varshaphala. But it will not be a great victory or a large margin. He will just keep his job.