Hi, it occurred to me yesterday that I could and should have used the Tara tables technique for the election on account of there being some question about Obama’s birth time as Tara is a non time dependent technique, where you do not need the correct lagna, just the right Moon Nakshatra.

In Tara, the 3rd, 5th and 7th are bad, the rest are good. Bad lord in bad tara is good, good lord in good tara is good. Other stuff is bad. Learn all about it in the Nakshatras audio course at www.vedic-astrology.net.

Obama was running Saturn/Mercury – Saturn is the progressed Nakshatra lord of the 1st Tara and it is placed in the 5th Tara, which is bad and limits his success in office and shows the US economy is not going to be as good as many people are expecting. This Saturn could lose him an election as well, however, antardasa lord Mercury was great, so he kept his office. Mercury was great as being the lord of the 2nd Tara in the 1st Tara. Very nice, so he keeps his office and during mercury antardasa the economy will stablize. But when he goes into Ketu antardasa December 12, 2014, Ketu is the 3rd Tara lord placed in the 8th Tara, which will hinder improvements and things will go backwards again.

Romney was running Moon/Rahu. Moon is the 1sdt Tara lord placed in the 5th Tara, bad, obstructs success. Rahu was the 3rd tara lord in the 1st Tara, bad again. So he could have only lost.

Every time I use the Tara tables I am shocked at how easy and accurate they are…I predicted many things about my new Rahu dasa beginning with Tara tables, but somehow just did not think of using it for the election, so there it is now, another wonderful technique.