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New Course – Lajjitaadi Avasthas, the Heart of Parashara

I just started a new astrology course – yet another Lajjitaadi Avasthas. I was originally planning on an askhtakavarga course but decided on this instead because I consider it much, much more important. The more I work with these Avasthas the more I find them utterly indispensable and so I wanted to teach my latest […]

Parivartana Yogas and Final Dispositors course started today

I just started a new course on Parivartana Yogas and Final Dispositors. This will be a quick course that I expect to finish up in two weeks with several fun and light informative videos. Parivartana Yogas, or interchange between two house lords, indicate very important lifelong themes. These are very important, yet simple to understand […]

New Vimshottari Dasa Course

Today I started a new course on predicting with Vimshottari Dasa. This will be a much simpler course than the mathematically centered courses I have recently been teaching. You can access the course at https://astrology-videos.com/courses/intermediate-courses/concrete-predictions-with-vimshottari-dasa

Shad Bala Audio Course Added to Site

Several years ago I taught a Shad Bala course and recorded it in audio. I have now made that course available on this site. Shad Bala consists of many calculations and each of the individual Shad Bala components has something important to say about a planet. Thus looking carefully into a planets Shadbala should be […]

Bach Flower Remedies Audio Course Added to Site

Several years ago before I was making video I did a phone conference course on using Bach Flower Remedies with astrology and today I added that course to this site. Bach Flowers are an amazing remedy to alleviate stresses and pains seen in the chart. This course followed the psychologically centered Character Effects of the […]

Character Effects of the Grahas Audio Course Added to Site

Several years ago before I was making video I did a phone conference course called “Character Effects of the Grahas” in which I taught the psychological effects of Saturn and Rahu, the effects of Rahu and Ketu in each Rasi and Bhava and the results of planets in Rasis. The information on Saturn, Rahu and […]