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2012 Election Post #3 Jaimini’s Yogadas

Jaimini’s Yogadas are the mist single effective technique that I have found for predicting elections. I have never failed an election with these techniques, but they have the drawback of being very time sensitive as the Drekkana and Navamsa vargas are involved and we use the Ghatika Lagna which travels five times as fast as […]

2012 Election Post #2 Jaimini Technique #1

Hello All, today I have the time to look at some Jaimini Raja yogas in respect to the Election. This technique I taught in the second Jaimini Course which covered the Pada Chapter: Benefics in the Sva, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th Bhavas – a king. Also, inauspiscious planets in the 3rd and 6th. […]

2012 Election Post #1 Gocara

Well, it is about time that I try to predict the presidential election. Since I learned Jaimini back in 1999 I have been lucky enough to predict every presidential election and a couple governmental elections that I worked on. Every time I do it, I am just so enthralled by Jaimini! What would we do […]

Spilling the Ashtamangalam Beads & Kakinis and Webhosting

If you watch the Ashtamangalam Number video you will be able to watch me ever so gracefully spill my counting beads. I explain that as part of the oracle and something to be read into the prediction. The prediction was a query about astrology-videos.com as I was having so many technical problems getting everything up […]

As Predicted by the Ashtamangalam Number

Today is Friday the 29th of April, the 12th tithi of the dark half of the month – the day I predicted in the Ashtamangalam Number video that I would get the videos running online – which has been an issue I have been struggling with for the past 4 weeks. The problem was easy, obvious, […]

Hello Fellow Astrology Students!

Astrology-videos.com is finally up and running, just have to get the videos up now… But getting the website up itself was quite a chore. I can’t tell you how much time Srishti and I spent trying different membership subscription softwares before we finally found one that worked. This has delayed the launch of this site […]