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Parashara’s Formula for Judging Bhavas Course Started

Today I am putting up the first videos for the new course on Judging the horoscope in a very concrete and predictive way using all five Avasthas from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. This is the master course on predicting with Parashara system of astrology. This course can be found at https://astrology-videos.com/courses/beginner-courses/parasharas-formula-for-bhava-judgment. This course will take […]

Youtube Partner and Spouse Videos

I have posted three videos on youtube dealing with examining the partner as Venus, Jupiter and the Darakaraka using the principles of Lajjitaadi Avasthas. Videos can be found at: http://youtu.be/96pU04dhwb4 http://youtu.be/ovbJsTR8GZ4 http://youtu.be/VKiRRTmh2Kw  

Find the Chocolate

One of my favorite things to do with prasna is to find lost or hidden articles. This is something that few people ever think of going to an astrologer for, though in the old days in both India and the west, seeing an astrologer to help find something was a common thing to see an […]

Tara Tables on Election

Hi, it occurred to me yesterday that I could and should have used the Tara tables technique for the election on account of there being some question about Obama’s birth time as Tara is a non time dependent technique, where you do not need the correct lagna, just the right Moon Nakshatra. In Tara, the […]

2012 Election Post #5 Varshaphala

Obama’s 51st year Varshaphala does have the potential for a downfall due to saturn and mars joining the 5th cusp and the 5th rules fall from royalty, but will it happen? HIs Raja Saham, part of kingship is in Aries, a good placement. Its lord Mars has good pancha and dvadasa strength, so it is […]

2010 Election Post #4 Vimshottari & Vargas

Looking at Obama’s Rasi he is running Saturn Mercury. Saturn is in its own rasi in the 12th, which gives him strength to weather a lot of setbacks. Saturn is aspected by Sun moon and mars, three enemies, though mars is sleeping and so cannot hold saturn back, but also by two friends Mercury and […]