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suggestions for dealing with Rahu in the 3rd house for scorpio ascendant?

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I am just curious with respect to what might one go about remedying a difficult chart. For me, rahu in that area is difficult to work with, but has its benefits. Mainly I come off rough and look for love in all the wrong places, and in general I am not well off financially. This is further compounded via saturn in the second house, though I am curious if anyone can comment on the meaning of saturn with neptune, and uranus.

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Amit Bhat
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 symbolically rahu in Capricorn is learning to be absolutely still like a crocodile and as soon as the prey is visible, cracking down on it with full might. means as soon as the opportunity is visible, just pounce on it and grab it. 3rd is your own ideas and personal desires that you want to fulfill, so just grab on such opportunities once they are visible like a crocodile will grab his prey.

What will hold you back is ketu in cancer means you will have the habit of trying to adjust to make it work but that won't work. So you have to learn rahu.