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suggestions for dealing with Rahu in the 3rd house for scorpio ascendant?

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I am just curious with respect to what might one go about remedying a difficult chart. For me, rahu in that area is difficult to work with, but has its benefits. Mainly I come off rough and look for love in all the wrong places, and in general I am not well off financially. This is further compounded via saturn in the second house, though I am curious if anyone can comment on the meaning of saturn with neptune, and uranus.

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Amit Bhat
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 symbolically rahu in Capricorn is learning to be absolutely still like a crocodile and as soon as the prey is visible, cracking down on it with full might. means as soon as the opportunity is visible, just pounce on it and grab it. 3rd is your own ideas and personal desires that you want to fulfill, so just grab on such opportunities once they are visible like a crocodile will grab his prey.

What will hold you back is ketu in cancer means you will have the habit of trying to adjust to make it work but that won't work. So you have to learn rahu.

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What I remember from the video course is that Capricorn's symbol is Makara, the mythical sea beast who creates his own security. Cancer's symbol is the crab who has the habit of scurrying from place to place to find security created from external circumstance.

The third house is a really amazing house of skill development, communication, personal charisma, short trips, entertainment skills and willpower. Ketu must be in your ninth house which is the house of belief systems, the parental unit, marriage and other sacred vows, higher education, which I think you can do a lot with.

Please remember we start from Ketu as our overly safe comfort zone then are forced by life into our discomfort zone of growth in Rahu. Our growth there is meant to bring back and integrate into the Ketu area.

Knowing only what you have written I think you have a lot of potential to start consciously using your karmic nodes to grow. How can you create your own independent security from your third house (and more optimally, the position of your third bhava)?

Love and money are different. We give love to ourselves first, it overflows to others and attracts the right people to you (not love of your self-concept but for your genuine being). For money ask how you can offer others value that they will pay for (consider specifically third bhava and third house things)?

I think with Rahu in the third it can be really fun to grow in this direction. I think a simple reorientation of perspective can really open new doors. Take care and have fun ????