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Confusion about interpreting results from planets, signs and house positions

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Hello Ernst,

I have recently completed Jyotish Building Blocks course. After taking in all the information in,  I am still struggling to understand the application of it. There are so many aspects to a particular house like rashi, planets, conjunctions, nakshatra, aspects, dignities and the house lord position in the chart. To accurately interpret the results of a particular house, how can one systematically approach these factors. You also mentioned that a particular planet gives results of the house placements in all Vargas, how do I blend different varga placements while predicting for a planet?

I would welcome any members as well if they can share some of their techniques. 

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Think it's best to develop your own system by reading charts.  Start with your own, then the people you know the most about, then celebrities that have reliable birth time and have a lot of information about their lives on wikipedia.

Look at one thing at a time - houses, planets, nakshastra, vargas, aspects, etc. then combine them.  Through this you will start to see what are the most important factors that influence a person's life.  Also going though the intermediate level courses will help.  

Ernst Wilhelm
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Start with things you can make solid interpretations with. Jyotish building blocks is just to make everyone on teh same page with regards to aspects, combustion, etc. The rahu and ketu courses, the yogas of character, the lajjitaadi avasthas and the ages of the planets are all about interpretations that you can put to immeditate use.