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The Diamonds suite  

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I´ve read some interesting Diamonds lately and have some thoughts on that card that I want to share, asking about your opinion/feeling about that suite.

First, it´s a very concrete, manifesting suite. After all it represents the earth element. So to my experience it has a tendency to manifest in a very earthly way.

A friend of mine has 2 of Diamonds - earth joins with water - on her Sun card. Her way out of a severe breakdown state was through pottery; bringing earth and water together. She has her Jupiter (creatitivy), Venus (beautiful items) and the X cusp (acting in the world) in that card.

Another friend has a 2D Birth card. Her ecliptic card is QD. She´s a midwife. Water makes the soil fertile, so I see that as a sexual connection. Queen of Diamonds: (the daughter of) Mother Earth. Her path is working with that energy.

And then another aspect of the Diamond suits: from a spiritual point of view, it seems to have to do with concrete manifestations of God. In tough positions it seems to indicate, sometimes, obstacles finding concrete spiritual value, to find God beyond the ideas (clubs).

Does this resonate with anyone else´s experience?


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In my experience, it's very much a card of finding your niche in life in a very concrete way, that will benefit the people around you, as well as yourself.

My sister is a 2 of diamonds birth card and works in digital advertising. She very much encompasses the role of the provider (Queen of Diamonds) in her life. She's very solid and very capable in that regard, and has been for years.

I'm also a 2 of diamonds birth card, but have followed a quite different, and less predictable trajectory in life. As expected, planetary placements and card conditions play a role but I agree with Ernst in the sense that there's also something to be said for diamond people who have already found their purpose, talent or sense of self-worth in life. When that's missing, one can end up feeling quite shutout with this card.