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9th house clarification for ashtakavarga

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😀 Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️

I’m reviewing the ashtakavarga course and I need clarification about the 9th house please.

On one part, it says that it represents the end story of our life but also on a different perspective it is what we have to give up from what we gain in partnerships 

High points would be a nice life story but paying high price from partnership too - so, is it better to have more or less points in here? 

additional meanings- 9th house represents father, teachers, spiritual philosophy (?) higher studies (maybe what we get from it) , law, languages, paternal grandmother (mine had philosophy as a career btw)   what’s up with the low points, vs high points in the 9th?



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Hello Veronica, I started watching the ashtakavarga course as well l think due to your lower points in house 9 you will have to work harder at your pursuits when in a foreign country.I myself have the 11th house sarvashtavarga lower than my 10th house which is working harder for efforts and getting less rewards from them. I just wanted to offer you my insight on this course and hopefully Ernst can clarify that part for you.

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Hello!  Sorry I have to re-open this thread, and still don’t understand - are high or low points desirable in the 9th?  high points add stress but low points may mean not such a good life story or getting little support in of 9th house things. What’s better and in which context? 

Thank you 

to recap : 

“Every time you have a lot of points in the 6th, 9th, 12th or 3rd you are going to feel more pressure on certain areas” in this context it’s not an easy house” gives you a lot of intangibles and represents what you believe on and what guru can do, stories and myths” a lot about letting go of things in the 9th start thinking on them as intangible forms” related to the 7th - the happiness you are not getting from prtnership leave syoi w this intangible need to be fulfilled, that causes the person to act (10th house” )until we act on out karmas or do what Guru says those things have no value” 

lots of points will make them a seeker and 10th shows how much action they will put on those believes

ref. Houses & Ashtakavarga min. 8:35

Ernst Wilhelm
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You want high points to further a house, so those houses progress if they have high points. but these houses progress because we feel a pressure, an urge to push them forward.