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9th house clarification for ashtakavarga  

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😀 Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️

I’m reviewing the ashtakavarga course and I need clarification about the 9th house please.

On one part, it says that it represents the end story of our life but also on a different perspective it is what we have to give up from what we gain in partnerships 

High points would be a nice life story but paying high price from partnership too - so, is it better to have more or less points in here? 

additional meanings- 9th house represents father, teachers, spiritual philosophy (?) higher studies (maybe what we get from it) , law, languages, paternal grandmother (mine had philosophy as a career btw)   what’s up with the low points, vs high points in the 9th?



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Hello Veronica, I started watching the ashtakavarga course as well l think due to your lower points in house 9 you will have to work harder at your pursuits when in a foreign country.I myself have the 11th house sarvashtavarga lower than my 10th house which is working harder for efforts and getting less rewards from them. I just wanted to offer you my insight on this course and hopefully Ernst can clarify that part for you.