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Questions on Determining Children Technique

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@Ernst or others that are familiar with the determining children technique, 2 questions:

1) When you get to the moon, 1 child then "stop" progression of rasis's. Does this apply to both the D1 and the D5 or only "stop" at moon in D1?

2) When considering Rasi 1 (1st child), 2, 3 etc... I assume these are in chronological order yes?

*I ask this because I am looking at the charts of a couple, that appear to show "Loss" in both charts on child #2* She is currently in 3rd trimester of the "2nd child", unless there was a miscarriage or abortion that I'm not aware of this would be the "loss" child.  Or I am NOT applying technique correctly?  

Cannot upload charts, or would share.


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The Mo also applies to the D5. So if Mo gives a child in either D1 or D5, then that is it for that 'progression' of that child rearing capacity. 

Yes, they are in chronological order. 


If I am wrong, then someone else can correct me. 

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@scott-m-19 Thank you! I thought I had it correct, but wanted to confirm.

As far as the "loss" child goes I will confirm when I can that there wasn't another conception between the two children. And only 80% accurate... If anyone wants to have a look I will provide data below.

Mom: September 25 1992 @ 04:14 AM Linesville, PA USA     If reading correctly 2nd from Me/Scorpio is loss, 3rd/Sag gives a child