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Trimshasha Analysis

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Dear @ernst

In your audio class on health and nutritious you consider the Rashis to be the concrete aspect and you analyze them using Planetary aspects and dignities. In Jaimini view on analyzing vargas you use Rashi aspects and Jaimini sources of strength and weakness. In the second you only analyze the trimshamsha to see how strong a person is in confronting the diseases, but not to find out what the disease is or where it is located.

Is the method of analysis in the audio course still valid?

If Yes, how can we combine it with Jaimini analysis of the Trimsamsa and health?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes,  you can use the method shown in the first class. YOu can also apply Jaimini aspects in the same way as the planetary aspects in the anatomy class. But always remember, in the context of the jaimini aspects, its the sign the troubling planet is in that is hurt FIRST, then the aspect indicates the damage caused as a result of that to another rasi.