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Antardasas of Saturn's enemies

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I am currently in Sa/Ve in Vimshottari dasa, and notice that coming up are the back-to-back antardasas of all of Saturn's enemies (Sun, Moon, Mars) followed by the always-interesting Sa/Ra. Just considering fundamentals, this appears to be an intense 6-and-a-half year period, which most people encounter during their life. How would you characterize this period, in general?

I am very interested in how to use an understanding of Saturn's effects in a way that empowers the client. Considering the latest classes on Saturn's avasthas, it appears to be a period of life where one is systematically coming to terms with the ways in which one has been screwing up their own life, or focusing on the wrong things - in which case, the remedy is to be open to those realizations, and to making new choices.