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Ketu Moon Conjunction

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I just noticed that my mother has a ketu moon conjunction in the same sign as my moon. She has a recurring skin issue and while I think it is all psychological and recommended counselling, she refuses to see one and now, I have to resort to Ayurveda to see if it would help her. It is emotionally exhausting constantly asking someone with a ketu moon conjunction what is bothering you. 

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Hi Stefanie,

I always refer to Ernst's handout on Ketu and Rahu conjunct the grahas on matters like these. I think it's worth a revisit if you would like to recalibrate your relationship. The Ketu/Moon analysis sounds very relevant.

Wishing you the best ???? 

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My sister has this conjunction in her 7th house in the same sign as my Sun, Ketu and Venus. I find that her personal identity is very fixed in childhood patterns involving our mother. When they're together she will automatically default to whatever our mother wants to do, even if it goes against her own initial plans or desires.  

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Hi Stephanie,

Have you looked at the Medical astrology course?  You could look into shad bala to see which planet has the lowest score in the top section and that will give you an idea of which element is deficient.  That will give you insight into what type of melancholy your mother is affected by and if this is in fact affecting her skin.  As far as I can remember, Mercury has to do with the skin.  Is her moon in a sign ruled by Mercury?  Also, is Saturn aspecting the moon in any way?